Yuichi Inoue - 「月」 Tsuki
Yuichi Inoue - 「梅」 Ume
Yuichi Inoue - 「壽」 Kotobuki
Yuichi Inoue - 「風」 Kaze
Yuichi Inoue - 「狐」 Kitsune
Yuichi Inoue - 「陀仏」 Dabutsu
A representative Japanese calligrapher----Yuichi Inoue (1916~1985) His experimental “one character writings” possess a general plasticity, and as outstanding masterpieces which lie on the border of calligraphy and painting have received high acclaim both in Japan and overseas. Corresponding with Abstract Expressionism in the 1950s, his work appeared in “Modern Japanese Calligraphy” at the Museum of Modern Art, New York (1954), and “Abstract Art – Japan and the USA” (1955~1956) which toured five European countries after its launch at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. Soon after, participation followed in international exhibitions such as the early São Paulo Art Biennale, Documenta, and Carnegie International. His work received greater acclaim after comparison by the critic Herbert Read with masters such as Jackson Pollock and, after his death, a retrospective exhibition touring 7 domestic art museums was held in 1989, while his work was also included in “Scream Against the Sky: Japanese Art After 1945” which toured from Yokohama Museum of Art to The Guggenheim Museum Soho and The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 1994 and 1995. In recent years, his works are curated by Yuko Hasegawa and were showed at the Sharjah Biennale 11(2013.3~2013.5). His works are in collections at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo and Kyoto, as well as in museums throughout Japan and overseas. (reprinted from the introduction of the Sharjah Biennale 11 exhibition pamphlet)

日本代表书法家------井上有一(1916年~1985年) 他实验性的“一字书法”富有大胆的造型性,在书法与绘画两个领域都被誉为优秀的杰作,在海内外享有非常高的评价。 二十世纪五十年代,他的作品与抽象表现主义相呼应,在纽约近代美术馆的“Japanese Calligraphy展”(1954年)以及东京国立近代美术馆并欧洲5个国家巡回的“日美抽象美术展”(1955年~1956年)上展出。 此外,还在当时开办不久的巴西圣保罗双年展,卡塞尔文献艺术展和卡内基国际艺术展等等国际性的美术展中频频展出。 评论家赫伯特•里德曾将他与杰克逊•波洛克等巨匠相提并论,使他的艺术地位更上升一层。在他过世后,1989年在日本7座美术馆举办了巡回回顾展,另外在1994~1995年在横滨美术馆,古根海姆美术馆SOHO及旧金山近代美术馆举办的巡回展览“战后日本的美术”中也有展出。 近年来,由长谷川祐子担任作品管理者,于2013年3月至5月举办的第11届沙迦双年展上展出。 除东京,京都的国立近代美术馆外,海内外许多美术馆中都收藏有他的作品。 (转载自第11届沙迦双年展展出资料册的介绍文)
Yuichi Inoue and the 40th Anniversary

No.78132 Kanzan 『 寒山 』 ( 56 × 101 cm ) Yuichi Inoue - 「寒山」 Kanzan

I’ve always been addicted to those unknown but individual artists, and believed that showing them to the world is also a way to create a new age. That’s why I’ve been continuing supporting them the past 40 years.

On the other hand, in a city with such long art history like Kyoto, although authority and the hierarchy of the artistic circle have long been paid respect to, our gallery keeps handling the fields of the extremes while working closely with these primary artists, which I believe is the way that will lead us to our future.

Since I’ve been focusing more on the personal of the artists rather than being particular about art fields, I paid no interest in so-called educational "calligraphy" field from the first, instead I was impressed by Yuichi’s avant-garde works. However, the relation with his works remained far-off.

The well-known oil painting artist Kokuta Suda, who learned his skills from Dogen, the founder of Soto school (of Zen Buddhism), was a close friend of Yuichi.
Since Kokuta Suda has the same root with Yuichi not only as a painter but also as a calligrapher, by collecting Kokuta’s works, gradually I was led to Yuichi’s works.

In recent years I was blessed with a full-scale encounter with Yuichi’s work and realized my collection of his works. Keeping up the attitude that not to conform to stereotypes and marking the 40th anniversary of our gallery, I decided to light up a beacon for the reconsideration of Yuichi.

In artistic circle, unknown calligraphers became the avant-garde symbol of the generation, and created the history. I feel really fortunate that we can participate with the collectors in this act of increasing world heritages.
( By the owner of Zoukyudo April , 2015 )

No.70054 Flower 『 花 』 ( 123.0 × 182.8 cm ) Yuivhi Inoue - 「花」 flower


( 2015.4 藏丘洞画廊馆主敬白 )


No.72141 Love 『 愛 』 ( 44.7 × 70 cm ) Yuichi Inoue - 「愛」 Love



無名の書道家が、前衛というひとつの時代の象徴となり、歴史を創ると云うこと が起こるのが美術の世界です。此を世界の遺産とする行為に、今を生きる私たちがコレクターと共に関わることに幸せを感じます。
( 蔵丘洞画廊主人敬白 平成27年4月 )