43 years of introducing the next generation in art

Ulala Imai / Fumihiro Ohga / Tomoyuki Yoshida

May 13 ( Sat ) - 27 ( Sat )
10:30 AM - 6:30 PM no closing in this term

We expect artists to be particular about their individualities.

We show the works of three unique artists whose age are the middle of thirties or forties in this exhibition.

We have refreshing feeling without complication or the artistry in Ulala Imai's works.

Fumihiro Ohga's works invite us into the space of fantastic story like a picture book.

The profundity in realistic expression of Tomoyuki Yoshida's works request us the time to consider and bring us new discovery.

Please enjoy each individuality.

今井麗 -「裏庭」

Ulala Imai - Back garden ( 60.6 × 60.6 cm )

オーガフミヒロ -「ポストマン」

Fumihiro Ohga - Postman ( 35 × 35 cm )

吉田友幸 -「.高野箒」

Tomoyuki yoshida - Pertya ovata Maxim ( 35 × 35 cm )

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